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Crystal River Dive and Snorkel Manatee Tour Combo

The Crystal River dive and snorkel offers something for every family member. Start the morning snorkeling with the curious and playful manatees in the 72 degree Crystal River Florida springs. These wonderful, gentle mammals come up to the surface for a friendly petting and an occasional belly rub. After enjoying this incredible experience with the manatee, snorkel the main spring called king spring. To top off your manatee tour scuba divers enjoy the optional Crystal River dive into 30 ft. of open water to the entrance of the cavern. An abundance of fish hang outside the Kingspring cavern where the divers proceed on the adventure with the dive master into the cavern that has snapper, crabs, fossils and a maximum depth of 50'. A great adventure.

Dive Manatee chewing on rope

Cost of the Tour (Snorkel/Dive)
The guided snorkel with the manatee tour is $58.00 all inclusive. The water is 72 degrees, 3 mil wetsuits are used all year.

The snorkel with the manatee and add the Crystal River Dive combo is $74.50 plus any equipment. We rent a full scuba set up at a discounted rate of $47 and a light is $9.

Make a day adventure saving money while doing so. The rental gear rented for the am. tour is good for the afternoon so you only pay for the pm. tour you chose. Time of Tour?

The Crystal River manatee tours run year round, and starts from our dive shop at 7:00am We generally return back to the docks between 10:30am and 11. Combine the manatee tour with any of our afternoon Dive or snorkel tours so take a look at the Rainbow River Tour.

Manatee Snorkel and Dive Checklist >>>

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