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Devils Den Dive

devils den guide dive

Devil's Den is a most unique dive site. Florida's only underground prehistoric spring. To enter, divers descend down into the earth by a short flight of stairs. Upon reaching the bottom, the echoes of water drops ring through the air cavern. With steam rising from this florida spring, on cool days, gives atmosphere and reason how this dive site got its name. This is a 50 foot depth spring with many swim trough's, air pockets, and prehistoric fossils to excite even the most adventurous of divers. Don't forget the fish food because the catfish are huge and hungry. Like our other guided florida springs dives the water is a constant 72 degree and a 3mm wetsuit is needed. All you need is your open water certification card and American Pro Diving Centers fun, knowledgeable, dive masters / instructors guide and take care of showing you all the exciting things to see at this florida spring. The History alone will amaze you including facts about how prehistoric fossils found at this site link with the Smithsonian Institute. This dive can be combined in one afternoon with the Blue Grotto tour and or after the morning manatee tours.

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