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Manatee Springs Dive

manatee springs fl dive

The Manatee Springs dive offers two dive sites at this location. The first is hidden away with little lilly pads called duckweed covering the surface. Once on your descent the bubbles from your regulator open holes in the ceiling for the suns rays to give a beautiful colorful atmosphere. Don't forget the camera, the cavern and the clear springs that makes this 60 foot dive memorable.

After swapping out tanks, start the excitement with the spring propulsion ride! This spring has a depth of 40 feet and a high flow spring vent. Fin kicking to the outflow and when you stop the strength of this florida spring glide you with the outflow. The varieties of fish and turtles will excite the diver or snorkeler.
Take this scuba trip after the morning manatee tour and is one of many florida springs to enjoy.

...come diving with flat fish aka flounder. Click here for more info on the Manatee Springs diving fish on the tour.

flounder manatee springs diving

Spring information.
Springs are often classified by the volume of the water they discharge. The biggest springs are "first-magnitude," defined as springs that pump water at a rate of at least 2800 L/s. This Spring is a first magnitude spring that runs directly into the Suwannee River by a short run. Some things in the park are different tree types which consist of cypress, gum, maple and ash. Also on the trip large mouth bass,speckled perch, catfish, bream and long nose gar. White tailed deer and various small mammals and birds are there to see.

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