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The Rainbow River Snorkel or Dive Tour in Florida found sharks teeth

Highlights of this tour:
Rainbow River Dive Tour Crystal clear fresh springs water with 200 ft of visibility.
Beautiful year round Florida weather
Fish, Turtles, and sometimes Otters.
Grass beds filtering the water.
Bird species.
Spring beds dotting the bottom.
A small cavern at the end of the trip.
And yes even Sharks Teeth and fossils.

The deepest depth of the river is 25 ft. so snorkelers can free dive as well as this depth gives divers longer bottom time than deeper dives. While drifting the Rainbow River the boat carries the diver down flag so you don’t have to. Don’t forget to bring your camera the view is amazing.

Where do I go to snorkel or dive the Rainbow River
Starting at American Pro Dive Center for the Rainbow River tour the snorkelers and divers follow the guide through a neighboring small town to a beautiful wooded area just north of the shop. Loading the gear on the boat is made easy and the view along the waters edge is unbelievable especially to anyone who lives in the city. The fresh air alone just relaxes your thoughts and worries of usual day to day grind. The trees along the shore make home for birds and a beautiful backdrop for this setting. Traveling up river and looking over the side of the boat you may see several types of fish, turtles, and even the occasional otter. Learning about facts and background history of the Rainbow River from your Captain adds interest to the boat ride. Once in the water the boat drifts with the group and the diver down flag is carried by the boat. This way you spend more time checking out the cool fish, taking pictures of the cavern, or finding sharks teeth. Drifting along effortlessly makes this drift dive the most relaxing dive you probably have ever done.

Did you say sharks teeth in Rainbow River, but its fresh water?
Yes I did say sharks teeth found in fresh spring water and No to the extreme divers, you wont see sharks here. How can some one find sharks teeth at Rainbow River? Well you are going to find out about this and why fossils are found in the lime stone below and a whole lot more on this trip.

Is the water clear at Rainbow River?
The question often asked is how does the Rainbow River stay so clear? This river is replenished by millions of gallons of water every hour from small to very large spring vents dotting the bottom. The grass beds seen along the journey not only add color to the river but serve its main purpose to filter the water. The spring water comes out of the earth at a cool temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit so a 3 mm wetsuit is necessary to enjoy the length of time you are in the water. Because this is a unique experience in crystal clear water both divers and snorkelers drift as a group experiencing what it would be like exploring an aquarium. Sometimes the Captain on the boat can wavy at the divers below and receive an excited wavy back.

PADI Drift Diver Specialty on the Rainbow River.
Divers can take advantage of this trip by advancing their diving skills and take the PADI Drift Diver Specialty with one of our Instructors. This new knowledge and experience can only excel your confidence towards future drift dives while enjoying this river. Reserving a spot on the boat is very important as some days do sell out. Don’t forget upon completion receive a PADI certification card to show your new level. No matter what agency you took open water class with, join in on the fun and try new experiences. If you have the Drift Diver Specialty then dive another new adventure like the PADI Boat Diver Specialty or the PADI Underwater Naturalist or Fish ID. Taking a PADI Specialty Course on the Rainbow River makes the tour Fun, Easy, and Free.

What do others say about the Rainbow River dive?
Ty Sawyer from Sport Diver said in his article “At the end of the dive, you can enter a small cavern where piles of fish gather. It's so relaxing you'll want to turn around and do it again when you get to the exit point. One of the best parts is there's no need to rinse your gear when you're done.” Rainbow River Snorkel or Dive Sport Diver Article

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