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Diver Specialities

Deep Diver min. age 15 prerequisite A.O.W. 4 Dives

Yes, the ocean is vast and there is plenty to see above sixty ft, but for those wanting to experience what lies even deeper, a new world of dive sites becomes accessible to the Padi Deep Diver. Wrecks, walls, and specific ecosystems sometimes require a deeper dive of up to 130'. The Padi recreational limit and training depth for Deep Diver.

Deep Diver Specialty

U.W Navigation min. age 10 prerequisite Jr. O.W. 3 Dives

For divers, using a compass is a skill that requires practice both on land and underwater. With a Padi Scuba Instructors direction, navigation can be a much easier concept. Always know where to go with American Pro Diving Centers Padi Underwater Navigation Course. The Padi Advanced Open Water class offers a try of this specialty.

Underwater Navigation Specialty

Peak Performance Buoyancy min. age 10 prerequisite Jr. O.W. 2 Dives

The Weightlessness of scuba diving is often referred to as inner space: because neutral buoyancy creates the closest feeling of being in outer space a non-astronaut can achieve. Swimming through hoola-hoops, mastering hovering, and recovering items upside-down are just a few of the fun skills that Padi Peak Performance Buoyancy has to offer.

Peak Performation Specialty

Search & Recovery min. age 12 prerequisite Jr. A.O.W. 4 Dives

Not only is Search and Recovery fun, it might also be profitable. Locating lost valuables underwater and bringing them to the surface may be very difficult, but the techniques mastered in American Pro Diving Centers S & R class are taught by scuba instructors that have real in-field experience. Learn the trade and your education can be greatly valued by divers and non-divers alike.

Search Recovery Specialty

U.W.Digital Photography or Video Dig. Photo-snorkel or diver 2 trips Video min. age to prerequisite Jr.O.W .3 Dives

In this day and age digital cameras are everywhere and taking pictures or video is easier than ever. Maintaining underwater housing, setting optimum resolution, and correcting exposure for contrast are just a few of the topics covered in PADI Underwater Digital Photography course and Videography course.

Digital Video Specialty

Nitrox min.age 12 prerequisite A.O.W. 0 Dives

Looking to extend your bottom time? Then check out PADI's Enriched Air Nitrox Diver class. The student must be 15 years or older and PADI Open Water Diver (or equivalent).

Nitrox Specialty

Cavern min.age 18 prerequisite A.O.W. 4 Dives

As light is always visible in this type of overhead environment, Cavern diving is a safe and affordable way to enjoy cave-like conditions, without the need for buying expensive gear. Learn how to run reels, frog kick and other cave diving techniques without ever leaving the comfort zone of natural light.

Cavern Specialty

U.W. Naturalist or Fish ID. min. age 10 prerequisite Jr.O.W. 2 Dives

For divers who are Discovery Channel nuts or National Geographic fanatics, PADI Underwater Naturalist and Fish Identification is a great way to increase a knowledge base for underwater ecosystems. More specifically, divers are introduced to the wildlife of Florida freshwater springs habitats, which are extremely unique.

Underwater Naturalist or Fish ID

Night Diver min.age 12 prerequisite Jr.O.W. 3 Dives

Experiencing only what your light sheds its glow upon, Night Diving gives a diver a new perspective on the sport. Night divers mesmerize fish and other wildlife with artificial light, allowing encounters to become much closer than they are in the daytime.

Night Dive Specialty

Manatee Specialty For the Snorkeler & Diver

This specialty is truly unique to the area. Because of the large influx of West Indian Manatees to Crystal River and Homosassa River every year, American Pro Diving Center took initiative and created the first Manatee Awareness Specialty, where customers learn the biological and geographical facts about this amazing creature.

Manatee Specialty

Multi-Level Diver Specialty min. age 12 prerequisite Jr.O.W. 2 Dives

The Recreational Dive Planner (RDP) is very limiting, conservative, a diver descending down to 100 feet must come up after 20 minutes. While divers with dive computers spend more time at different depths on the way back up, so can multi-level divers due to the calculated adjustments of nitrogen levels that the wheel allows, so learn how.

Manatee Diver Specialty

Equipment Specialist min. age 10 prerequisite Jr.O.W.

No more calling the first stage a Do-Hickey or the second stage a Breathy-Thingy, because Equipment Specialist informs divers about dive equipment, inside and out. Learn how and why divers can do what they do to SCUBA.

Equipment Specialist

Dry Suit Diver min. age 10 prerequisite Jr.O.W. 2 Dives

Be just like James Bond and where a tuxedo underwater, or more practical a warm and comfortable sweat suit. The point is divers stay dry and warm with a dry suit, allowing longer dives, and shorter surface intervals that are usually affected by temp

Dry Suit Diver Specialty

Boat Diver min. age 10 prerequisite Jr.O.W. 2 Dives

Diving requires planning, preparation, organization, and multiple tactics for entering and exiting the water. The Instructors at American Pro Diving Center can sharpen boat diving to avoid potential problems or even accidents that might occur on a dive vessel.

Boat Diver Specialty

Drift Diver min. age 10 prerequisite Jr.O.W. 2 Dives

Ohhhhh the joys of going with the flow! Drift Diving allows divers to do just that, drift. However, coordination is needed, techniques for signaling the boat Captain and safety stop procedures are all aspects of Drift Diving.

Drift Diver Specialty

D.P.V (U.W.Scooter) min. age 12 prerequisite Jr.O.W. 2 Dives

Become a one man (or woman) submarine with a DPV, also called the Diver Propulsion Vehicle. With American Pros SEA DOO DPVs divers control depth, direction and speed, with much more agility than fins offer.

DPV Underwater Scooter
Class Dives Price for One Student Bring a friend Saving Each
Deep Diver 4 $299.99 $249.99 $50.00
Underwater Navigation 3 $249.99 $199.99 $50.00
Peak Performance 2 $149.99 $129.99 $20.00
Search and Recovery 4 $299.99 $249.99 $50.00
Digital Photography 2 $175.99 $149.99 $26.00
UW Video 3 $249.99 $199.99 $50.00
Nitrox 0 $199.99 $149.99 $50.00
Cavern 4 $299.99 $249.99 $50.00
UW Naturalist 2 $175.99 $149.99 $26.00
Fish ID 2 $175.99 $149.99 $26.00
Night Diver 3 $249.99 $199.99 $50.00
Manatee Specialty 1 $35.00 $35.00 Special
Muti-Level Diver 2 $149.99 $129.99 $20.00
Equipment Specialist 0 $125.99 $99.99 $26.00
Dry Suit Diver 2 $175.99 $149.99 $26.00
Boat Diver 2 $175.99 $149.99 $26.00
Drift Diver 2 $175.99 $149.99 $26.00
D.P.V Underwater Scooter 2 $199.99 $169.99 $30.00
Some Specialty Courses require the purchase of additional Education Materials.
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