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Night Dive

night dive rainbow river fl

The Rainbow River

is a shallow night dive option conducted year round. Divers not only enjoy the night life of this crystal clear spring system, but also a unique drift dive combined with the pleasure of seeing what your light illuminates. The inventory of animals that can be seen includes sunfish, bass, brim, speckled gar, bowfin, painted turtles, miniature snapping turtles, and soft-shelled turtles, as well. This nice, easy night/drift dive is truly a site that should be experienced.

Kings Cavern

twilight dives during the wintertime, are an option when the manatees sanctuaries are in effect, but the rest of the year Night dives into Kings Cavern are epic. As divers enter King Caverns mouth, crystal clear water exits outwards, providing a constant flow of water away from this aquifer. The Cavern has white sandy floors,and often night dives reveal numerous blue crabs that have brilliant blue and red coloring as well as colorful gobies that can be held in an open palm, with assistance of a bright dive light of course. But the most talked about popular part of the dive is the secret light show its out of this world.

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