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Learn to Scuba Dive in 2 Days with the PADI Open Water Dive Class in Crystal River Florida

You have always wanted to try Scuba Diving so what are you waiting for?

scuba dive class Learn to Scuba Dive in just 2 Days right here in Crystal River Florida. Now is the time to dive into the PADI Open Water Dive Class, the most popular dive program in the world! This is your ticket to learn to scuba dive and enjoy a lifetime of adventure and fun starting with American Pro Diving Center a Five Star PADI Facility in Crystal River Florida.

Throughout the PADI Open Water Dive Class, learn fundamentals of scuba diving, including dive equipment and techniques of diver comfort and safety while having fun. After completion of our 2 day open water dive class earn a PADI Open Water Diver certification card that is recognized worldwide. You earn this rating by starting with home study education materials, completing knowledge development sessions, five confined water dives in the pool and four open water dives in fresh water springs. The dives start on site, in our indoor pool and then off to our crystal clear springs right here in Crystal River Florida.

Why should you take the PADI Open Water Dive Class?
open water scuba dive Open Water Dives Crystal River and Rainbow River Florida As a certified PADI Open Water Diver you have the freedom to dive with a buddy independent of a professional, obtain scuba tank air fills and most importantly gain the knowledge to dive safe. How many vacations have passed where you have been limited to just the pool, not knowing anyone where your staying, or family members don’t always share the same interests? Well memories of vacations to dive to see new sights, maybe a shipwreck and meeting new diver friends, or even family time together are no longer just in your dreams. Try something new by starting with the PADI Open Water Dive Class where the adventure begins.

How soon can I start the PADI Open Water Dive Class?
Your underwater adventure can start as soon as today with the new PADI interactive CD-ROM or Books and DVD and now on line eLearning. Study and view these materials at home, and at your own pace, then come to American Pro Diving Center for your scheduled dive class. Our PADI Open Water Dive Class only takes 2 days after the home study. Scuba Classes include 2 or more persons and we have class year round. Offering a more personal service most classes usually have 2 to 6 students and if we do not have a class scheduled for the dates you require then we offer private classes too.

How much is the PADI Open Water Dive Class?
scuba crystal river fl The cost of the PADI Open Water Dive Class is $378.00 plus s/h and includes the education materials either CD or Book and DVD, all the rental dive gear, the boats to take you to the different dive sites, the PADI certification card upon completion, the Scuba Instructor, and most importantly all the fun in just 2 Days. This price requires two or more students scheduled in the class dates you choose and if you wish to take a private class the rate is $588.00.

To get started with the home study a $170 deposit plus s/h (which the $170 is credited toward the total class price of class) for the PADI Education materials is all you pay up front. After completing class receive a temporary PADI certification card from our Scuba Instructor. A permanent certification card with your picture and new diver number arrives at your mailing address from PADI in 4 to 6 weeks.

Requirements for the PADI Open Water Diver Class
Minimum age to take PADI Open Water Diver Class is 10 and older. Ages 10 and 11 year olds must have a parent or legal guardian in class and diving with youth. At the start of class both watch the Youth Diving Responsibility and Risks video and read and sign Youth Diving Responsibility and Risks form (see the forms link below and call us with any and all questions). Required time for class is 2 full days with the home study materials completed. Class time is 8:00am to 5:00 pm depending on how students are doing.

open water diver card Upon Successful completion of this class you earn a PADI international Open Water Diver certification that never expires:

Age 10 and 11 year olds receives a PADI Junior Open Water Diver card which is labeled qualified to dive with parent or legal guardian or PADI Professional and must not exceed 40 feet in depth.

Age 12 to 14 year olds receives a PADI Junior Open Water Diver card which is labeled qualified to dive when accompanied by another certified diver who is of legal age or a PADI Pro.

Age 15 and older receives a PADI Open Water Diver card. Note- You can upgrade your Junior Open Water Diver certification card at age 15 or older so you no longer have age-related restrictions while scuba diving.

Don’t stop Diving after your Open Water Dive Class. dive gear cartoon The way to become a good diver is to continue to dive. Feeling more comfortable, and strengthening your underwater skills leads to the enjoyment of diving more than ever. American Pro Diving Center offers more for your vacation than just the steps of diving class. Continue to have fun after class diving with your Instructor the next day with a PADI Specialty Class like Peak Performance Buoyancy or the PADI Advanced Open Water Class or even take a Guided Dive. With so much to see right here in Crystal River Florida we can save you money while diving with our discount packages. As an added money saver we also offer our students the rental dive gear you used in Class for Free Rental while you stay and Dive with us. Call or email with any other questions and don’t forget to reserve your seats for class or even a manatee snorkel tour and well see you soon.

I only have 1 day for class so what can I do? Become a PADI Scuba Diver.
Thinking of getting certified for an upcoming vacation, but don’t have the time to put into a regular course? Now here is a quick and easy subprogram of the Open Water Dive Class designed especially for you! This one day program allows you to continue to dive after this one day Scuba Diver Class up to 40 feet deep under the supervision of a PADI professional. When you find the time to finish the second day of the PADI Open Water Dive Class your certification is upgraded to a PADI Open Water Diver and you no longer have the Scuba Diver constraints. Certification as a Scuba Diver requires successful completion of Knowledge Development and Quizzes of the first 3 chapters in the PADI Go Dive Manual. Successfully complete the first 3 Confined Water Dives and Open Water Dives 1 and 2. Also successfully complete Dive Flexible Skills. I only have a half a day what can I do and I am not sure if Scuba Diving is for me.

Try Discover Scuba or Discover Scuba Diving! This adventure is your chance to slide on some fins, strap on a tank and SCUBA Dive a one tank experience in the pool up to 20 ft. or the open water up to 40 ft. in one afternoon. Ages 10 and older can breathe underwater in just one afternoon with the direct supervision of your PADI Scuba Instructor. (see the forms link below and call us with any and all questions)

Click here before class for PADI Forms

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