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Paradise Springs

Paradise Springs, in Florida, is truly a dive oasis. This is a guided two tank dive into a prehistoric cavern. Imagine diving in a crystal clear underwater volcano, where the fossils are just a few feet underwater. This dive starts with a huge whale bone protruding from the cavern. Paradise Springs is a deep dive descending down to 105 feet at the bottom of the ballroom. Over time the water carved this room to look like a roman arena. All that you need is your open water certification card and after a fifteen minute safety stop, American Pro Diving Centers fun, knowledgeable, and professional divemasters / instructors guide you again on your second tank in the 15 to 70 feet ballroom. Many fossils can be found and on this dive and see where, at one time, prehistoric man lived in this cavern before the spring waters filled it in. This untouched dive site makes Paradise Springs Cavern Dive a remote dive oasis.

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