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Referral Dive Class Summary

After completing the five confined pool dives from your local dive shop your off to Florida for vacation. Come to Crystal River Florida and finish the four open water referral dives and dive Kingspring and Rainbow River. To finish the referral open water dives all you need is two afternoons to complete. After completing the open water dive skills receive a high five from the Instructor and a temporary certification card or c-card is given at the dive center and the permanent c-card from PADI is mailed to your home address in just a few weeks. While you are here in Crystal River Florida come snorkel with the manatee.

Open Water Referral Dive Class in Crystal River Florida

The Open Water Referral Dive class is for anyone who started with their local dive shop but did not have enough time before vacation to finish the open water dives. Come to American Pro Diving Center in Crystal River Florida to complete the four open water dives over two afternoons and while you are here snorkel with the manatee. Because our fresh water springs stay a consistent 72 degree temperature diving here and snorkeling with the manatee is enjoyed all year.

Now that you have completed the academics and confined water pool portion of the open water class then you are ready to take the newly learned skills to the open water. Just two afternoons are needed to complete your open water certification. Start with introductions, reviewing your referral forms from your original Scuba Instructor and covering the afternoon dive briefing. Then gear up with the scuba dive gear and we are off to dive Crystal River the first afternoon and Rainbow River on the second. Our spring dive sites offer clear fresh water with many things to see like different types of fish, turtles and check out fossils coming out of the springs. No worries of getting sea sick and we never get blown out by rough seas or bad weather (knock on wood). The Open Water Referral Dive classes are offered in the afternoon so the mornings are free to snorkel with the manatee. Because you have rented the gear for the Referral Class the Crystal River Manatee Tour is only $29.50 and this experience is a must see while you are here in Crystal River Florida.

After completing the Open Water Referral Dive class receive a temporary PADI certification card from our Scuba Instructor. A permanent certification card with your picture and new diver number arrives at your mailing address from PADI in 4 to 6 weeks.

Requirements for the Open Water Referral Dive Class: Minimum age to take PADI Open Water Scuba Class is 10 and older. Ages 10 and 11 year olds must have a parent or legal guardian in class and diving with youth. At the start of class both watch the Youth Diving Responsibility and Risks video and read and sign Youth Diving Responsibility and Risks form (see the forms link below and call us with any and all questions). The Four Open Water Referral Dives must be completed with in one year from the start of your open water training. Required time for the Four Referral Dives is 2 afternoons and class time is 12:30 to 5.

Age 10 and 11 year olds receives a PADI Junior Open Water Diver card which is labeled qualified to dive with parent or legal guardian or PADI Professional and must not exceed 40 feet in depth.

Age 12 to 14 year olds receives a PADI Junior Open Water Diver card which is labeled qualified to dive when accompanied by another certified diver who is of legal age or a PADI Pro.

Age 15 and older receives a PADI Open Water Diver card. Note- You can upgrade your Junior Open Water Diver certification card at age 15 or older so you no longer have age-related restrictions while scuba diving. Don’t stop Diving after your Open Water Referral Dive Class.

The way to become a good diver is to continue to dive. Feeling more comfortable, and strengthening your underwater skills leads to the enjoyment of diving more than ever. American Pro Diving Center offers more for your vacation than just the steps of diving class. Continue to have fun after class diving with your Instructor the next day with a PADI Specialty Class like Peak Performance Buoyancy or the PADI Advanced Open Water Class or even take a Guided Dive. With so much to see right here in Crystal River Florida we can save you money while diving with our discount packages. As an added money saver we also offer our students the rental dive gear you used in class, Free Rental while you stay and Dive with us. Call or email with any other questions and don’t forget to reserve your seats for class or even a manatee snorkel tour and well see you soon.

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