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Blue Grotto & Devils Den Scuba Dive Combo

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Discover 2 Sites in Just One Afternoon!

Devil’s Den is a most unique dive site. Florida’s only underground prehistoric spring. To enter, divers descend down into the earth by a short flight of stairs. Upon reaching the bottom, the echoes of water drops ring through the air cavern. With steam rising from this Florida spring, on cool days, gives atmosphere and reason how this dive site got its name. This is a 50 foot depth spring with many swim trough’s, air pockets, and prehistoric fossils to excite even the most adventurous of divers. Don’t forget the fish food because the catfish are huge and hungry. Like our other guided Florida springs dives the water is a constant 72 degree and a 3mm wetsuit is needed.

The Blue Grotto Dive in Florida is guided by our divemaster and for all experience levels of divers because of its great visibility. Descend down the first 70 feet of open water to view a variety of fish, fossils in the limestone walls, and even a friendly turtle. Along the way at 30 ft check out the air bell that made this grotto dive famous. The bell is located on the ceiling of this cavern dive and is supplied with compressed air from the surface. Talk to your dive buddy underwater, this florida spring allows you to do just that. Don’t talk to long because time in the air bell still counts toward your bottom time but the compressed air is free.