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Kids Manatee Education Programs

Kids Manatee Education Programs

For more information, please contact:

Michele Goodenow – Educational Coordinator

Envelope Email: [email protected]

Cellphone Text: 352-601-6894

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Manatee Education

Embark on an educational journey with American Pro Diving Center, where we explore the history, habitat, behavior, anatomy, and laws governing our gentle giants, the Florida manatees. Students have the unique opportunity to encounter these friendly creatures in their natural habitat, gaining insights into every facet of manatees and the water they call home. Our center ensures a seamless experience by providing all necessary equipment for this remarkable encounter. At American Pro Diving Center, we believe that manatee protection begins with education!

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Rainbow River Experience

Designed to develop student knowledge of aquifers and how spring systems form and originate. While snorkeling in an aquatic environment students will learn about a spring fed ecosystem. (Vegetation, Fish, Birds, Turtles, and Humans) Explanation are given of why fossils like shells, pieces of coral, and ancient sharks teeth can be found and where they originate. Preservation of water quality and conservation of Florida springs is achieved through education.

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Scuba Camps

Dive into an unforgettable summer adventure with our 4-day Scuba Camp! Immerse yourself in the world of scuba diving, where every day is filled with excitement and exploration. We provide all the necessary education materials and top-notch scuba gear for an immersive learning experience. Join us for a dive-filled journey where learning and fun go hand in hand!

More About Summer Camp
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Boyscouts / Girlscouts

Have your perfect combination of outdoor fun and adventure with the Manatee learning Boy/Girl Scouting values. That’s what you’ll find on each of our Manatee and Aquifer Education Programs.

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High School Dive Program

Does the thought of swimming below the waves side by side with beautiful fish and turtles get you trying to remember what drawer your bathing suit is in? Imagine your son or daughter brought you a list of activities they could participate in and scuba diving was a choice! For our Citrus County kids this is a reality not a fantasy. Our scuba diving clubs have been successful for years with our local high schools and are to date still certifying new members, going on diving trips, and giving back to the environment with community outreach programs.

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Coastal Cleanup

Join us in our mission to preserve and protect our springs during the Save Our Waters Coastal Clean-Up event! Engage in a meaningful initiative as we come together to remove debris and litter from our precious coastlines. Equip yourself with the necessary tools and make a positive impact on the environment. Be part of the change and contribute to the beauty and health of our coastal ecosystems.